Inko's White Tea Energy

Inko's White Tea Energy
After a day of hiking I stopped at a store to get a beverage. I normally wouldn't grab an energy drink under such circumstances, but the fact that it was in the natural section, and it said "Jitter Free" convinced me to take a chance. I was very pleased with my purchase. This beverage had none of the normal chemical flavors that you would normally find in energy drinks. It really just tasted like sweetened white tea with a slight ginger taste to it. I felt like I was just drinking a normal iced tea. I actually forgot it was an energy drink until my lady friend asked if it did anything as an energy drink. I did find myself feeling more alert, but not like a spazz like I normally would after an energy drink.
Energy Drink and Iced Tea
United States
Crystalline Fructose
Jason Draper on 9/6/10, 10:41 PM
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