Inko's White Tea Lemon

Inko's White Tea Lemon
Jay doesn't like lemon tea. I don't know if he doesn't like lemons or what manufactured lemon tea has become. You've got about a 50% chance of getting something that tastes like an actual lemon. Lemon tea is becoming the grape of the drink family. Candy grapes taste nothing like real grapes but all candy grape things taste the same. Lemon tea is the same. Well, almost always. This has that tingle on your tongue that you get from letting a lightly sweetened sun tea with a few lemon slices in it gives you. That being said, it reminds me that we have had one gnarly, sun-filled summer and I haven't made sun tea once. Part of me just died inside.

This tea is a nice, honest tea; no pun intended. It's low calorie but you would just think that there simply isn't as much sugar as in another tea. It's no lemon Southern style sweet tea so get that out of your thick skulls. If that is the tea for you and that's all you drink, you will consider this unsweetened. If you like unsweetened tea, you might be able to make the leap. Never downward, always upward.
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Mike Literman on 7/27/12, 4:21 PM
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