Ito En Teas' Tea Citrus Black

Ito En Teas' Tea Citrus Black
After a long, or even moderate bike ride to work, I usually chug about one and a half bottles of water. Yes, it comes from a container and not individual bottles. What, do I look like a savage to you? Anyhow, today I decided to change it up with some iced tea. Now normally, once again, I would never drink anything with sugar this early in the morning. You know when you brush your teeth and the last thing you want to do is ruin it with something? Who cares today? I feel like I can trust Ito En not to destroy my efforts to have nice teeth by always and consistently producing lightly sweetened drinks and this is no different.

This drink is clearly a black tea due to the lack of bitterness that a green tea, regardless of company, produces. It also has a fresh lemon taste, as if someone made a very light sweet tea (because it's black) and then squeezed some lemon in it. It tastes authentic and not produced, from concentrate, or just plain fake.

Is it my favorite Teas' Tea? No. Will I get it again? Probably. Do I recommend it? Yes.
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Mike Literman on 9/13/10, 5:59 AM
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