Julian Cesar Chavez Energia De Campeones

Julian Cesar Chavez Energia De Campeones
I got into a bit of an altercation earlier today. Words were said, threats were made and now it's going to be me and Julio fighting it out down at the school yard. I should really learn to watch my mouth. I mean this guy is a professional boxer and he's obviously going to cream me. I picked up this energy drink that he's the spokesperson for in hopes that it would give me some sort of edge in the fight that is likely to be a one sided blood bath.

Well here it goes…€¦ugh…€¦this tastes like Red Bull mixed with kola champagne and a little jigger of cherry mixed in. It's not really any sort of enjoyable to my palate. I love chewing bubble gum, but I don't like drinking anything that tastes like it. It always makes me feel like I'm drinking the concentrated spit of a dozen people what have been chomping on gum for hours. Gross. Along with the regular energy drink ingredients this also has green tea (as an antioxidant) and L-Carnitine (as a fat burner). I don't see how either of those are going to help me when I get down to the elementary school though. What grown adult wants to fight you at a school for young children anyway? That's just weird. I guess I should have not told him “la vaca es mas azul prque los monos bailan en su marmalade.” I never thought it would set him off so much.

ps. That sentence is all that remains in my brain from three years of high school Spanish.
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Jason Draper on 10/4/13, 10:33 AM
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