Just Chill Jamaican Citrus

Just Chill Jamaican Citrus
Just Chill is quickly falling into the category of drinks that I wish didn't have an intended purpose, because I just like the way they taste. There are times in my life when it's probably not appropriate to chill, but does that mean I should be deprived of delicious beverages?

When most drinks are named something citrus it's a pretty safe bet that orange or pineapple is going to be your forerunning flavors. This is not the case here though. This drink is chock full of lime that actually tastes like limes and I love it. There is a weird hint of lemongrass too. It threw me for a bit but after a few sips I was glad that it was there. I think I detect a slight amount of mint as well, but that could just be my taste buds dreaming of mojitos.

Something that sets Just Chill apart from other relaxation drinks is the exclusion of melatonin and valerian root. As a result you can just calm yourself without falling asleep. I swear the first time I had a Marley Mood I wasn't ready for it and I thought I was going to fall asleep in traffic. There is no fear of that with these drinks. They are simply delicious and calming, just as advertised.
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Jason Draper on 1/21/16, 5:52 PM
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