Kalm with Kava Original

Kalm with Kava Original
I don't know what relaxing about struggling to stay awake. I drank maybe about 50% of a serving and all I want to do is sleep. That's not relaxing. I wish you could see me type. Every other word needs to be deleted and respelled because my hands are so tired. You know when you close your eyes for a second and wake up like thirty seconds later and you don't know what's going on. That feeling is this in a bottle.

How does it taste? Diet. It's not good. The limited ingredients make whatever magic in here that much more potent. I'm telling you. I wish you could see me struggling. I'm mad at myself for drinking it because now all I want to do is sleep. It's twenty to eight at night and I might have to just call it for the day.
Diet and Relaxation
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United States
Mike Literman on 6/2/14, 7:43 PM
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