Kiki Maple Sweet Water Seasons with Blueberry Juice

Kiki Maple Sweet Water Seasons with Blueberry Juice
Kiki darling, I simply could not eat a single pancake more. Why whatever are we to do with all of these buckets of left over maple syrup? Don't give me that look. I have already eaten 37 of them, and they were all slathered with the delicious syrup you bought, but I simply could not eat another bite. To make matters worse the syrup is in open buckets for some strange reason, and we haven't a thing to cover them. The rodents that run rampant on our palatial estate will devour it for certain and I can't bear to see it go to waste in such a manner.

Wait, why don't we water it down with some…€¦well water and then we can store it in those ridiculous jugs your brother keeps bringing home. I don't care if it's buy a jug to take home down at the mead pub, those things are ridiculous, and until now useless. Hmm. Maple water is all fine and dandy, but I think we may have watered it down a bit too much. There is only the faintest tinge of maple in the flavor, but it does give it a nice sweetness. How about we add some of those blueberries you picked, but forgot to put on my pancakes? Oh well that made it a great deal better. It now tastes like a watered down lightly sweetened blueberry juice. I wish the blueberry flavor was a bit stronger, but we did have to spread it though all of these dumb jugs. I have no real complaints about it though. I bet the townfolks would love to try some. Why don't you go take a few jugs down to them? Oh and Kiki, you're the best helper monkey ever.
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Jason Draper on 1/24/13, 4:55 PM
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