Komodo Carbonated Energy Beverage Made with Coconut Water

Komodo Carbonated Energy Beverage Made with Coconut Water
Alternative energy drinks keep popping up more and more. I say alternative because they don't have the same ingredients or taste like Red Bull and its artificial ingredient filled running crew. Sure a lot of these products don't pack the same punch, but do you really need those crazy jitters? I didn't think so.

Komodo takes things a way I have never come across before. They carbonate coconut water and add some caffeine and B vitamins to supply the imbiber with energy. They only use natural ingredients and you can tell by the way it tastes. It's strong on the coconut taste, but I suppose that is what you want when you purchase a coconut energy drink. The flavor does fall a bit on the toasted side rather than the plain old coconut water side of things, but that may be due to the use of stevia as well as cane sugar to keep the calories down. This is something new and interesting and it's decent enough to go back for return purchases.
Coconut and Energy Drink
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Jason Draper on 11/11/16, 1:44 PM
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