Kristall Swedish Lingonberry

Kristall Swedish Lingonberry
I found this at Whole Foods. I thought that lingonberry was one of the berries that had been genetically crossed to create the local favorite loganberry. Our friends from Wales told us that there was a carbonated loganberry drink from Sweden. I assumed this was it. I was wrong and after some research I found out that it was a blackberry mixed with a raspberry.
Even though this doesn't have anything to do with the ever elusive loganberry, it was pretty great. I have a great respect for companies who can successfully carbonate juice without it being too sweet or tasting like seltzer water. Kristall got the magic right. It does taste very similar to a very, very light loganberry. I highly suggest trying this is you ever see it.
It's probably just because it says "Swedish" on the bottle, but it reminds me of the taste of Swedish Fish. My girlfriend said I was crazy and she didn't taste it at all. I do love those little candies though. Eat one of those and a Sour Patch Kid at the same time and it's a party in your mouth.
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Jason Draper on 11/10/10, 1:26 PM
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