Kristall Swedish Raspberry

Kristall Swedish Raspberry
It's no secret that hip-hop artists drink Cristal when they are partying to show off their riches. I may have just completely dated myself there. Is that still a thing, or did it die off in the late 90's? Either way, it's a little known fact that those who are fans of flavor country, but don't drink alcohol down bottles of Kristall in the same situations.

This is my second flavor of this fine product and both have completely blown my socks off. Literally. I had to go across the room, pick them up and put them back on my feet. They are so light and bubbly, but still jam packed with fruit flavor. In my dream world all fruit flavored pop would be like this. It's not syrupy and it actually tastes like raspberries, not sugar or some other sweetener. It also comes in a very classy and classic looking bottle.

Kristall for when you want to party fancy style. Anything else would be uncivilized....or something.
Juice, Soda Pop and Sparkling
United States
Cane Sugar
Jason Draper on 8/7/11, 10:43 PM
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