Lemon Soda Mojito soda

Lemon Soda Mojito soda
Ladies and Gentlemen, Step right up. Step right up! Do you love the sour citrus taste of limes? Does your body crave the brisk, refreshing taste of mint? Then do we have a product for you! We have created a soda with an extremely strong lime flavor and added just the right amount of mint to give it the perfect taste. I know what you're thinking, and you're right who wants the sensation of drinking soda while chewing gum at the same time? No one, that is who. We have carefully engineered this drink to perfection so that it has no similarity to imbibing post tooth brushing or while chewing gum.

When flavors commingle like this true magic occurs. Not only does it taste amazing but also it is also ridiculously refreshing. This is a nice take on a classic alcoholic beverage. Kids and adult teetotalers can now enjoy it at their leisure. All for the low, low price of one Euro. Where are you going to beat that on the streets of Italy, friends?
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Jason Draper on 5/5/14, 11:20 AM
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