Limonitz Sparkling Lemonade Mint

Limonitz Sparkling Lemonade Mint
What is a mojito with lemon instead of lime? Wrong? Is that it? I've had mock mojitos and they're good. I assume a "real" mojito is close enough. Mint and lime. This is mint and lemon. It's close, right. Same fruit but a different color. I know, I know. Lemons are sour and limes are bitter. Are you here to call me, a time honored professional, a dumb dummy? I certainly hope not.

This tastes like a sweeter, less bitter mojito. Didn't see that review coming, did you. Honestly, the mint is pretty faint and if they just said this was sparkling lemonade with mint in it, I would say, "Oh, cool. They put mint in it." To declare, in big, bold, caps "MINT" you're making a statement. This is a great lemonade. Compare it to a non-gingered Bruce Cost. It's got pulp, which is always a win, but the lemon is so sour, in a good way, that it out flavors the mint. Fights is fights is fights and lemon just beat mint. It's not the first time and it won't be the last. I'm hoping I can say the same for this drink because it's one of the best lemonades I've had.
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Mike Literman on 11/7/13, 4:50 PM
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