Lotus Botanical Elixers Balance Mind & Body Raspberry Infused

Lotus Botanical Elixers Balance Mind & Body Raspberry Infused
I have never been to a spa. I feel like the intended relaxation would fail and I would be left feeling anxious. You know, now that I think about it I really don't know what exactly happens at a spa. I imagine massages are the norm, and that I'm okay with. It's the facials, mud baths (do those exist outside of movies?), and things like that which leave me uncomfortable. I feel like my version of relaxation is very different from the bulk of society. I don't even truly know what my relaxation is, but it's not just awkwardly sitting somewhere with goop on me, constantly wondering how much time I have left. Wow, I sound like turd dude there, but honestly is everything…€¦..right?

Why am I talking about spas? Well, to me this drink tastes like what I imagine you would be served at such a establishment. Now I doubt spas serve anything carbonated, and probably just give everyone cucumber infused water or something along those lines, but to me this is the taste of self-indulgence and relaxation. Actually it tastes like someone overly infused some water with raspberries and added a touch of sugar as well as a few botanicals. It's light but still fruity, just the way I like it. It's the taste of reflection, if you want to be arty about it. Even though it has natural caffeine in it it's the type of beverage I can sip and relax and go over my life without having a freak out. This company is all about balance, and I have to say that it comes across in the way their beverages affect me. It makes me want to sip on a can and then walk through a portion of the woods where I am sure to not encounter another human and just take it all in.

I'd like to stress that this is not a relaxation drink in the way Marley's Mellow Moods are. It's not going to put you to sleep. It's simply going to let you settle and reflect. You know what if this was involved with a spa maybe I would put up with people touching my face (which I hate). At least the anxiety would be turned down to a minimum.
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Jason Draper on 1/17/15, 11:50 AM
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