Love Grace Restore

Love Grace Restore
This is it. I have reached the end of my three-day juice cleanse. Well I guess not really the end, as I won't be eating again until the morning, but I've made it to my final bottle of juice. In the past three days I have consumed 18 bottles of juice. Some were incredible, others I had to choke down for the nutrients. I always wondered how I would fare in a post apocalyptic world, as I can be a picky eater, but I was able to drink every last drop of this cleanse, so I now have more faith in my ability to survive.

This here is the juice that I ended every day of the cleanse with. It is a liquid version of carrot, beet, celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon and orange. Some of those ingredients sound great, and some of them are a little ehh. Have I mentioned that through out the past three days my taste buds have turned against me? Juices that I had no problem with, and thoroughly enjoyed at the beginning of this run, are just gross to me now. My body doesn't want to deal with them anymore. Most of that are the greens that they are rebelling against.

The first night I had this I didn't think it was bad at all. The second night I wasn't so sure. Tonight I think I'm back on board. Each sip is a bit different. When the orange, beet and carrot flavors run this drink it's great. It has a bit of that dirty, earthy taste that I like in juices. It also has a ice citrus sweetness to it. If it was always like that I would love this undyingly. Unfortunately in other sip the celery and parsley a major players and it's those sips I could do without. After this cleanse it's going to be a long time before I have celery again. It was in a decent amount of these juices and it just stands out so much to me.

So I've lasted the full three days on this cleanse. There were moments where I definitely thought I was going to give in and eat something, but I held strong. I had on and off again headaches from the first night on, but I shockingly never felt weak. I really expected to spend most of this time in bed or on the couch watching movies and not wanting to experience any other part of life, but I stayed fairly active and went on with my normal life as if nothing was wrong. I did have some nights of sleep that were far from stellar, and a constant nagging in my stomach, but I made it through with much less damage than expected. I don't feel any major difference in my heath, but I do feel a bit lighter and I can tell that I have lost some weight. I'm going to estimate 4-5 pounds, but I won't know until the morning. I just feel leaner, but I guess self-starvation will do that to a person. It's been an interesting ride, and if you have interest in it, I say take it for a spin and see what it's all about. I doubt I'll do it again, but I did clean some garbage out of my body with relatively minimal discomfort. That certainly counts for something.

Thanks to Love Grace for supplying us with the juice for this cleanse. I am poor and cheap and never would have spring for it myself, but it was something I'm glad I was able to experience, and I hope my ranting encourages others to give their cleanse a try.

The morning after update:
After my final weigh in this morning I have officially lost 6 pounds on the Love Grace juice cleanse. I know that weight loss isn't the main reason to do a cleanse, and I know I'll gain most of it back, but that's a lot of weight to lose in three days. After eating a bowl of cereal this morning I also feel great. Without the nagging hunger and headaches, I can see that the cleanse did actually do something and I feel way better than I did when I started this three days ago.

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