Matcha Love Green Tea Unsweetened

Matcha Love Green Tea Unsweetened
Imagine going out into the fields and picking tea leaves, when they are at just their right point in growth to be considered prime green tea. Then you dry the leaves out in the sun for a decent time, so that they are perfect for brewing. Gather up your ancient pot that was created for and has help nothing other than green tea. You steep the tea at the optimal temperature for the precise amount of time, before you chill it. It is at this point that you have a perfect cup of iced green tea. Now you can go through all of this trouble, or you could buy a can of Matcha Love and the results are essentially the same, well at least to my unrefined taste buds.

This is what green tea boils down to if you ask me. If I am offered green tea, this is what I hope I am served. Sure it's made with matcha powder as well as brewed tea, but if the result is the same I have no qualms with that. I believe it's a healthier way to get your green tea anyways. I see no downside to using matcha. Sure it comes in a tony can, but it's got a big flavor that you're not going to beat. It's made by Ito En, when have they put out a tea beverage that wasn't great?
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Jason Draper on 8/25/14, 9:42 AM
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