Mati Healthy Energy Cherry

Mati Healthy Energy Cherry
Allow me to let you in on a little secret; one letter can make a world of a difference. Someone could be threatening to “kill” you, but you won't think it's a big deal because their phone autocorrected to “bill” you. Perhaps you are preparing your loved ones a nice dinner of “Hunan” beef, but they think that you have slaughtered the neighbors and prepared them a “human” feast. Things can go pear shaped fairly easily these days. It is at this point that I must inform you that “mati” and “mate” certainly are not the same thing. So when you open up a can and expect to be getting a nice,, cherry flavored tea; what you actually are getting is cherry flavored guayusa. Sure they both supply you with a decent amount of caffeine, but the tastes are wildly different. What you expect to be a beverage that will have a nice earthy flavor will actually be strangely fruity with no balance. This is fruity and something that falls between bitter and sour. I'm not sure I would really enjoy this even if I wasn't mistaken as to what I was about to imbibe. Even though there is real cherry juice in here, when it mixes with the guayusa it gives it a vaguely medicinal flavor that just doesn't sit right with me.
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Jason Draper on 11/26/15, 11:12 PM
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