Mati Healthy Energy Passion Fruit

Mati Healthy Energy Passion Fruit
This is pretty darn tart, in a good way. A bulk of the flavor comes from a combination of passionfruit and lime juice. The rest of it is the guayusa. If nothing else this is very interesting. It's the type of drink that requires a learning curve. If you go into it blind I would expect that you wouldn't really enjoy it and that it would just taste weird. When you know what you are getting you can start to enjoy it. The more you drink it the more you enjoy it. It is a bit odd drinking something that is passionfruit flavored that is not super sweet, but life goes on and by the time I reached the end of this can I was totally on board, even if I was tentative with the first few sips.
Energy Drink
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 5/14/17, 2:31 PM
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