McDonalds McCafe Peppermint Mocha

McDonalds McCafe Peppermint Mocha
Your expectations are low if you are like me. You don't have high hopes for anything really. I mean it's McDonald's. I play a strong "ignorance is bliss" role with them because I do good by not eating there but twice a year, maybe quarterly. When I go, I typically get a spicy chicken, for some reason also known by its alias "Hot & Spicy." I was in a rush yesterday, got my old standard, and got this guy on a whim because it's seasonal and I like chocolate and mint.

Was I surprised? Kind of. It was a reserved mint, not like someone put the base "mocha" in and poured it over a starlight mint. It was different and was not overpowering. Even on the last sip I wasn't left with some awful, thick, minty sludge. I tend to swirl my drinks out of habit in hopes of eliminating that and it worked. You can borrow that skill. Practice it. Hone it. Enjoy it.

McDonald's has been putting out some decent drinks as of late. Kudos to them and Kudos for me because those cats are delicious.
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Mike Literman on 12/8/12, 10:01 PM
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