mini CHILL Stress Relief Natural Berry

mini CHILL Stress Relief Natural Berry
I had a fairly stressful day that I don't want to get into, so I won't because it's my life, and my website and I make the rules. I was worried. I was upset. I wanted to sleep the day away, but I had too much to do. Lucky for me this little guy had shown up in the mail. I downed the shot like an alcoholic at noon, and went about my scheduled activities.
Since it is a shot I didn't expect it to taste the greatest, but I would never have expected what I got. I expected the harshness that only a concentrate with a bunch of chemicals in it can give you. What I got was a fluid that tasted like someone liquefied some baby aspirin and added a berry flavored , sugar replaced with stevia Pixie Stix. At first it really threw me off and I thought it was gross, but then I realized that it actually tasted fairly pleasant and way better than the harshness I had expected.
I definitely calmed down shortly after drinking this. I will attribute part of it to the ingredients of this bottle and part to Mike's ridiculous stories that he told in a podcast we recorded for Buffalo Eats. Which one played the stronger role? I guess we'll never know, but I am glad that I have a few more bottles of this on hand for future stressful days.
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