Mona Vie The Premier Acai Blend Active

Mona Vie The Premier Acai Blend Active
This tastes like it has to be the healthiest juice of all time. It's thick and incredibly potent, insanely potent. So potent that a serving size is only 2oz. That is a shot glass. I honestly don't know if I could drink much more than that. If I downed this entire bottle would if I would acquire super human strength. I think that's how the X-Men started. Professor Xavier ordered a couple cases of this stuff and passed it out to all of the students at his school. A few days later he had an academy of mutants. Don't believe me? Read a book! Seriously if you could keep down the entire bottle in one sitting, you deserve special powers.

It doesn't taste bad, but it tastes concentrated. I can't hold any of this against it though because they tell you to only drink a shot of it.
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Jason Draper on 7/25/11, 2:12 PM
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