Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy Unleaded
This is…€¦odd. I don't mean that it tastes strange, it's actually very pleasant. The unusual thing about this energy drink is that they went out of their way to make it caffeine free (get it? Unleaded). The little blurb on the can says that it's so people who enjoy the taste of Monster, but who are also sensitive to caffeine can still enjoy it. My question is caffeine really the ingredient that people get all jittery over? I mean I do have a sensitivity (read: I'm not addicted so it serves its intended purpose and doesn't just make me “normal.”) but I feel like it's more the taurine that gets me all crazy. Natural energy drinks don't affect me the same way as Monster and it's brethren do. This is still loaded with B vitamins, niacin, taurine, ginseng and the like, so it still gave me a boost. It seems odd to me and not something there would be a big market for. If it serves its purpose to allow people to get where they need to go, good for it.
Overall it tastes like a slightly diet regular Monster; all sweet like chemical candy. Can we take a moment to acknowledge that energy drinks are the only beverage that diet versions don't taste absolutely disgusting? This is sweetened with sugar as well as sucralose and it doesn't taste like poison at all. The other flavors just mask the diet death taste in all the right ways.
Diet and Energy Drink
United States
Jason Draper on 11/12/16, 5:52 PM
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