Monster M-3 Super Concentrate

Monster M-3 Super Concentrate
In a world where bigger is deemed as better in almost every regard, it is nice to see a company scaling things down. Monster has created a 5oz beverage that “packs a 16oz punch.” This is essentially the same amount of ingredients that give their larger canned beverages the energy kick that the world so desperately craves these days. They just decreased the other ingredients in the formula. The most appreciated decrease is the amount of sweetener used.

One would imagine that the result of this concentration would be a beverage that was so strong it would taste like you were downing a bottle of toxic chemicals. Monster somehow worked out the kinks and while the flavor is a tad stronger, it basically tastes like the classic, or original Monster flavor with the green packaging. I had expected an intense sludge from this but was pleasantly surprised by what I was presented with. I can assure you that the energy aspect of this certainly worked and it made me feel as crazy and jittery as ever.
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United States
Jason Draper on 10/1/13, 10:59 AM
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