Moonshine Sweet Tea Mango

Moonshine Sweet Tea Mango
So, I just did some research I should have done years ago. I always kind of assumed sweet tea was just iced tea with a lot of sugar in it, so to make it overly sweet. When I was looking at this bottle I was a bit shocked that it has significantly less sugar than a bottle of Brisk. Sure, Brisk is super sweet, but it's in a different way. A quick trip to the internet told me that sweet tea is actually made by adding the sugar to it while the water is still hot and the tea bags are brewing. Huh, I guess that makes total sense. So I guess it is that process that gives sweet tea is very specific sweetness that makes you think you can actually taste the individual granules of sugar, and not just a general sweetness.

30g of sugar in a bottle is a decent amount, but it's still a lot lower than a lot of beverages out there these days (a 16oz coke would have 52g). the thing is this tastes like there is so much more actual sugar in it that has not been fully dissolved. In fact this tastes more like sugar than tea. The mango flavor kind of sits on top, and it is definitely more of a flavoring than actual mango juice. Overall this could be quite enjoyable on a blazing hot summer day, but I couldn't see myself drinking it on the regular. Of course, I don't drink many sweetened drinks on the regular anymore.
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Jason Draper on 9/5/17, 10:22 AM
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