Mountain Dew Ice (Lemon Lime)

Mountain Dew Ice (Lemon Lime)
I need to ask, who green lit this product? This product really has nothing to do with the Mountain Dew line, and it just tastes like any other lemon lime soda. Is this PepsiCo's attempt to bring back what is perhaps the most boring soda flavor after 7Up went to the Dr Pepper Snapple Group? Wasn't that Sierra Mist/Mist Twist's job? Were they really missing out on all of those lemon lime soda sales that they needed to create a new one, and brand it under one of their most popular flavors? I don't know if I have ever witnessed a single person purchase a 7Up. I mean I've seen it at parties and such, but I've never witnessed its acquisition and I worked at a grocery store for years.

The only thing novel about this is that it's a lemon lime soda that has caffeine in it. I suppose that's where the Mountain Dew aspect of it comes in, but that is a real stretch. Nothing about this kept my attention to even drink even half of this 20oz bottle. I but they are surely regretting the obscene amount of money they must have spent on the Super Bowl ad for this. I'm pretty sure this is going to turn into a limited edition without them intending it to.
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Jason Draper on 2/10/18, 12:54 PM
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