Naked Berry Blast

Naked Berry Blast
There is only so much you can say about juice, and I think I've said most of it before. As a result I started reading other people's review on this internet for Berry Blast, and my findings confused me.

Okay let's start from scratch; this bottle contains five blackberries, four raspberries, 4 strawberries, three and a half apples and half of a banana. With those type of ratios it's no wonder that this tastes like berry flavored apple juice (to be fair it tastes like a heavily berry flavored apple juice, but the base of the larger fruit is still very noticeable. Thirteen berries could fit in the palm of my hand; it's not much at all. I still enjoy the taste of this, and I understand that a lot of juices are cut with apple juice to sweeten them and keep costs down while retaining a 100% juice claim, but from Naked I expected a stronger berry flavor. With the somewhat hefty price per bottle, I expect a little more.

None of the above is what I found confusing. What put a quizzical look on my face was that people were saying that this is not a healthy drink at all and that it's all lies. Some claimed that there was a ton of sugar added to it, others claimed that there were “chemicals” added to it. Wait, what? I know there was a lawsuit against Naked, but not for the reasons mentioned above. If I read everything correctly the lawsuit was because GMOs were used in the vitamin “boots” added to some of the drinks. There is no sugar secretly added to this juice. There are also no weird chemicals in the mix either. This is simply a mix of fruits, as it doesn't have any of the boosts in it. Yes, this is not as healthy as eating straight up fruit, due to pasteurization, but it's not sugar water like some people claim.

The internet is a terrible place where everyone thinks they have a voice and their opinions are right, even though they don't have their facts straight. People read an article a little piece of it sticks out to them, and then their brain extrapolates that with no factual basis and suddenly it's gospel. I am not denying that some sketchy stuff may have gone down with Naked and their labeling, but the internet has become a runaway train of additional claims, that have no basis in real life. These are certainly the end times.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 1/26/14, 2:26 PM
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