Naked Berry Veggie

Naked Berry Veggie
With the exception of grape soda are there any other purple colored drinks out there? I mean even grape juice is more of a dark red than purple. This on the other hand is very purple. It looks like it could be just juiced pickled beats (that would be gross). What is in the bottle you may ask? Well let me tell you, as Naked very thoughtfully puts a comprehensive list on their juices of what, and how many, items of produce their bottles contain. This has 6.5 strawberries, 15 sweet cherries, ¼ plum, 1/5 apple, 1 ½ purple carrots (ahh that's where the color comes from), 1/3 red beat (even more purple fun), 1/8 sweet potato, 91 kernels of sweet corn (so specific), 18 chick peas and a hint of lemon. That is a whole lot to be jammed into one little bottle. As a result this is nothing but healthy. Naked juice is a little on the costly side of things, but it's worth it when you take into account their superiority to their competitors Bolthouse and Odwalla.

While you can taste each individual item that has been juiced to make this beverage, it does have a wide variety of flavors. A combination of the strawberries and cherries is the first thing that you taste when you take a sip. From there it slips into a strange sweetened veggie medley. They all kind of just mix together into their own unique flavor. It's strange, but it's enjoyable. It has a pretty general juice aftertaste with nothing specific being the prominent flavor.

This isn't the kind of juice that you sip whilst hanging out with friends, but it is the kind of beverage that you would enjoy and benefit from drinking at breakfast. With all of the vitamins it contains it would be a nice way to kick start your day.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 10/27/12, 3:51 PM
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