Naked Nutrition Energy Fruit Punch

Naked Nutrition Energy Fruit Punch
Oh boy, this one is a doozy! We don't review many non-ready-to-drink beverages, but when a company contacts us about sending samples for review we aren't going to say no. I mean, they are still things you drink, it just takes a little more work on your end. I was really expecting to be sent a one serving sample of this, but Naked were very nice and sent a full sized 1lb container. It is much appreciated.

So it's been a slow Sunday in mid-April and the weather is pure garbage. I had no plans this afternoon, so I decided to go to the gym and take this for a test drive. The directions say to mix one of two scoops into 8oz of water (or your favorite beverage and mix it thoroughly. The nutritional facts say that one serving is two scoops so I did just that. Unfortunately I have to say that it did not taste all that pleasant. The fruit punch flavor was very much overshadowed by the taste of supplements. It's a bit chemically. I would advise someone to mix it into something other than water to avoid that. If I use it again I'm going to try mixing it into some vanilla seltzer, which seems weird to drink before working out. I'm gonna be all burps.

Okay, so the flavor is not all that great. That can be acceptable, as it is a functional product and not meant for the pleasure of one's taste buds. This is some strong stuff though. It's meant to help push you in your workouts and give you “clean” energy. I can attest that it does that very much. I also had some side effects though. Now, it's happened very rarely, but it has happened that I have gotten the “Niacin Flush” from certain strong energy drinks. For those who don't' know what that is, it is when you take too much vitamin B3 and you get warm, look like you have a sunburn, and experience a tingly/burning /itchy sensation. In the past when it has happened It was in my face and top of my head. With this product my whole body felt insane. If I didn't know what it was I would have been highly concerned, searched Wed MD and convinced myself I was dying from some exotic disease. Being in the know, I just went on with my workout and this product definitely pushed me more than I normally would have. I did feel completely crazy the entire time and was just aware of my entire body. Then when I toweled off sweat my body just wanted to be touched more (not like that you creep). I've never taken Ecstasy, but from how I've seen it portrayed in movies and tv, I'm guessing it feels like this to a way crazier extent. Keep in mind I'm not saying this will happen to everyone, but I would suggest starting off with only one scoop and see how that works out for you. I'm going to try again in a few days on my next gym outing and lower my dose and see how that treats me. Hopefully not feeling like a maniac.
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