Naked Nutrition Pea

Naked Nutrition Pea
Pea and rice are my favorite protein sources when it comes to powders. To me they taste the best and I don't feel gross drinking something that comes from an animal. For the record milk has grossed me out since I was a kid and I will never get over thinking about what it actually is, and how unbelievably unnatural it seems for one species to drink another species milk.

Anyway, this is made from peas, and just peas. Guess what, it tastes like peas. If you use water as a mixer it can be a little bitter. I tried it with water as well as almond milk, and I enjoyed the later much more. Listen, I know mushy peas are the worst vegetable on the Thanksgiving table, but they are much better in this form. It's the texture that makes them gross. I swear. Just buy something like this instead of whey protein, you'll feel better about your choice.
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Jason Draper on 5/21/18, 2:45 PM
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