Naked Nutrition Rice

Naked Nutrition Rice
Vegan protein powders are surprisingly on the rise. I've been seeing a bunch of them that are mostly made from pea protein. They are also normally flavored (chocolate or vanilla) and sweetened with stevia. I could definitely do without the last part. I would rather no sweetener in the protein shake than have that flavor lingering around. Naked decided to go in a different direction and made this out of brown rice protein. Keeping true to their name there is also no other added ingredients in here. It's simply 25g of rice protein. It also just tastes like watered down brown rice. That sounds bad, but it's fairly pleasant. This is a natural, vegan protein supplement that I can get behind. Death to zero calorie sweeteners.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 4/26/18, 2:45 PM
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