Naked Nutrition Whey

Naked Nutrition Whey
This is simply not for me. I am fairly disgusted by milk and all it entails, unless it's in ice cream form, because I am a child. The protein powders I get are derived from plants or soy. This tastes like someone took powdered heavy cream (if such a thing exists) and then I reconstituted it with water into a thick milky beverage that I could not get more than one sip down. Had I been in a different location in my house I would have probably spit it out. The thing is I can't really complain because it is exactly what it advertises to be, and I cannot fault them for being something that I despise. They are what they are and I am what I am, and I will avoid consuming it again until the end of my days. Those of you out there who love milk get on this train, because it's protein that you will be happy about.
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Jason Draper on 7/16/18, 3:48 PM
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