Naked Orange Mango

Naked Orange Mango
Recently Naked settled a class action lawsuit out of court and agreed to pay nine million dollars as reparation. The reason for all of this was that the company claimed that some of their products were all natural and free of genetically modified ingredients. Apparently they were a bunch of little liars since some of their products contained ascorbic acid, beta carotene, and D-calcium panthothenate. I had no idea those weren't natural ingredients, but that is what the news told me and when has the internet ever steered anyone wrong?

Naked was always my readily available “quality” juice of choice. I always thought it was better than it's competitors, but perhaps I was wrong. I also don't really care because the juice is still delicious and even with those ingredients it's still better than garbage made from concentrate with a butt-ton of sugar added to it. Yes my friends, I will continue to drink Naked, as I am doing right now with this bottle of Orange Mango juice.

This little guy right here, he doesn't fall under the lawsuit. There is nothing weird and unnatural added to this juice, just fruit that has been squished to hell to get its delicious lifeblood. This is orange, apple, mango and banana rolled into one, but in a way that you can only really taste the orange and the mango. Normally in juices like that it's more of an orange juice with a splash of mango in it, but here it's more of a 60/40 split. You can definitely taste the mango in a very strong fashion, and isn't that what everyone wants from juice with mango in it. No one is out there saying, “Man this is okay, but I wish it tasted more like oranges.” This is a good juice. Nah, this is a great juice. Don't let the lawsuit hold you back from enjoying it.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/1/13, 10:10 AM
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