Natalie's Hand Crafted Seasonal Blends Blackberry Limeade

Natalie's Hand Crafted Seasonal Blends Blackberry Limeade
This was suggested to me by our Thirsty Dudes ally Andy Czuba. He takes awesome photos and sings in a great band called Strangers. I respect Andy's taste in most things so when he texted me last night and told me to give this drink a try, I knew it must be good.

I've seen this brand a lot at the Lexington Co-op but usually pass them by due to the high price ($2.99 for a 16oz bottle oof!). I already had a good feeling on this when I saw the ingredients: water, limejuice, blackberry puree, sugar. Simple. Clean. Delicious. In a world where most food products have a paragraph of ingredients, it's nice and refreshing finding a drink that has a short list and it's all things that are easily recognizable.

So was Andy right? Indeed he was! The blackberry taste is juicy, thick, and deep. It lingers for a little bit after each sip, which is great. The lime aftertaste is super tart but I like it that way. I really like drinks like this that give you two distinct different tastes right after each other. It's like a one-two punch of sweet berry, and then BAM! sour lime in your face. I might have to splurge on the other flavors of Natalie's delicious drinks.
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Derek Neuland on 8/8/11, 4:14 PM
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