Natalie's Orange Beet

Natalie's Orange Beet
I spend far too much time reflecting back on my trip to Mexico last winter. I didn't go to any resorts, or the coast. I toured with friends' band and we hit the major cities and were in the real deal heart of the country. I even had an interaction with a member of a cartel, who happened to be at a show and really liked the band. I only knew because he was bragging to me about his custom made suit that was bullet and stab proof. What a life. I actually never think much about those things, but I always find my mind wandering to the food and drinks I consumed there. My outlook on tacos has forever been changed. I'm glad to have experienced them in their true form, but now the ones back home are lacking and leave me wanting. Another thing I had a lot of was juice, which was obscenely cheap for fresh squeezed varieties. My favorites were the orange/carrot juice that I had with my morning tacos every day and what I believe was hibiscus beet juice that I would buy in the markets. They were both incredible in their own ways, and this juice is like a combination of them both (minus a few ingredients). It's simply oranges and beets juiced with nothing else added and it is completely fantastic, to an extent that it is kind of dangerous. I feel like I could consume mass amounts of this if I wasn't paying attention. Would that really be such a bad thing though? It's just juice and it tastes so fresh and healthy. I already want another bottle. So long savings account.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/31/17, 11:03 AM
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