Nestea Real Brewed Black Tea & Rooibos

Nestea Real Brewed Black Tea & Rooibos
Surprisingly after all this time we have only reviewed two Nestea drinks on this site. While not terribly surprising, they have put out decent things in the past and this should be added to the list assuming that you like rooibos. More about that in a second.

As I've said before, if I had it my way, I would just drink unsweetened tea for the rest of my life. Sugar is great but since I've been winding down in my reviews, I find it harder and harder to drink full sugar drinks like tea and pop. This was a nice treat at "slightly sweet." That I can deal with.

The black tea doesn't really shine and that strange/foreign rooibos takes its place. While I don't hate rooibos, its taste takes some getting used to. It seems fruitier and strangely darker than a black tea. Having drunk black tea pretty exclusively, it's a new flavor I'm just not accustomed to. It's absolutely not bad and I would actually put it in the "good" category. It was truly "slightly sweet" which I appreciated them sticking to their guns on.

I would like to try the black slightly sweet tea that they make. That might be a nice little number. Until I find it, though, I will try its older, more sophisticated, curmudgeonly unsweetened brethren.
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Mike Literman on 2/20/18, 5:31 AM
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