Never Too Hungover Prevention

Never Too Hungover Prevention
Seeing as neither of us at Thirsty Dudes drink at all, let alone enough to give us a hangover, we had our friend Paul Morin (from the band Orations and famed impersonator) drink this and give us his thoughts. Here are the jumbled notes that he sent us:

Smells like grass.
Greenish color.
Tastes like smarties/ lemon-lime Gatorade.
Pasty chalky texture.
Tastes like artificially sweetened "Limeade."
My friend who is a chemist said after looking at the ingredients it was basically like taking a Tylenol before drinking.
Vaguely smells like dirty socks. "Limey sock water."

I did not wake up with a hangover however I did have to make several to the bathroom. Not sure whether to blame the alcohol, something I ate, or the product for that.

This is from a man who went to college to be a librarian. I guess you can't blame him since he started sober and kept writing as he got progressively drunker.

I can't really argue with most of his thoughts though. This tastes like a diet lime Gatorade if it had the concentration of an unfrozen Freeze-E-Pop.
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Jason Draper on 8/4/16, 10:54 AM
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