Northern Neck Pale Dry Ginger Ale

Northern Neck Pale Dry Ginger Ale
Those of you who know me may know of my affinity for the state of Virginia. Since 2001 my bands have played there fairly regularly, and I've developed quite a few friendships. In 2003 when a band broke up in Richmond I simply stayed behind. I spent three months or so between Warrenton and Richmond and it was wonderful. To this day I still try to make it down to Richmond to visit at least once a year. It's one of two cities that I would ever leave Buffalo to live in (Toronto is the other).

With so much love for the state how have I never tried Northern Neck until today? The can claims that it has been a Virginia tradition since 1926. Apparently my friends are not ones for tradition. This may be the single best ginger ale I have ever had, even though it's sweetened with HFCS. Due to the sweetener and the fact that it is owned by the Coca-Cola company I expected this to be just another generic ginger ale. Sometimes being wrong feels so right. To sum up the flavor I would say that it tastes like a ginger beer without the burn. I love the burn, but I know a lot of other people do not, and sometimes I just want the flavor. Now I have a soda that will appeal to those with weak taste buds and those not looking for an adventure at the moment. Most modern day ginger ales do not even taste like real ginger, let alone have any in them. This has ginger in it and you can taste the difference. It's so damn flavorful that I'm kicking myself that I only bought one can on my most recent visit to the capital of the Confederacy. Next time I will not make the same mistake.
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Jason Draper on 9/19/12, 10:03 PM
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