Northwoods Soda Wild Bill's Root Beer

Northwoods Soda Wild Bill's Root Beer
First things first; This is Northwoods Soda's “Wild Bill's Root Beer” and it is not to be confused with the company Wild Bill's that also makes root beer. I'm not sure which company came first and who is the proper owner of the title according to the judicial system in this country, but it can be confusing. Northwoods is made in northern Michigan, and I grabbed it on a recent drive through the U.P., which I hope I can do again when the weather gets nicer.

On question I have is who named this gentleman Wild Bill? Is it a joke name like calling a fat man Slim? The picture on the label shows an aging man who looks proud of the root beer he has concocted. There is nothing about the picture that would make me question his sanity or think of him as a crazy party animal. He does have something to be proud of though, as he has made a tasty bubbly beverage.

This is a root beer with a heavy caramel flavor to it, especially in the aftertaste. It's a nice soda that lets you pick out the flavors that make up root beer and not just a general amalgamation of them all mixed together. There is some nice licorice and vanilla in here, without either being extremely present. I'm not a huge caramel guy, but the way it's done in here is quite nice and it left me wanting more when the bottle was done.
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Jason Draper on 11/22/15, 12:20 PM
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