Nuwi Quinoa Smoothie Blueberry

Nuwi Quinoa Smoothie Blueberry
A little grit does a body good. Grit lets you know that there are good things going on in there. Natural things. Gritty things. When you describe things as gritty, though, that's not fantastic. I wish there was a different term to use that wouldn't instantly be seen as something undesirable. This is a gritty drink and although it didn't touch the fancy of everyone who tried it, it wasn't that bad. It smelled terribly but it didn't taste too bad. The banana might have had a stronger taste than that of the blueberry and in doing so, it kind of had a "soft" taste to it. This just kind of tasted like a semi-gritty healthy blueberry drink.

Someone who reviewed movies, not drinks, gave this a two. Me, if it was possible to see a three and know that it was a "soft three" then that's what this would be. It earned a three no doubt but it is on the lower side of the threes and not the 3.8 side of the scale. Eeked by, if you will.
Chunky and Sports/Dietary Supplement
United States
Organic Agave
Mike Literman on 2/2/15, 3:57 PM
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