Ocean Spray Pact Cranberry Raspberry

Ocean Spray Pact Cranberry Raspberry
If this is Ocean Spray giving their take on Vitamin Water, they are a bit late to the game. If it's just them trying something new, well it's not really a novel idea, but I still enjoy it. I feel like this is some trick to save them money. It's essentially the same as their normal juice , except the hfcs or sugar are swapped out for the zero calorie Erythritol and I'm pretty sure they just added more water to the juice so it was thinner and less strong. It doesn't taste watered down, but it also no longer feels like a juice either (they aren't marketing it that way). It really tastes like a naturally diet cran-raspberry vitamin water. I know I made it seem like this beverages existence is nefarious, but it's just a tasty drink that is exactly what it says it is.
Sports/Dietary Supplement and Water
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Jason Draper on 4/30/18, 6:21 PM
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