Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry

Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry
I for one approve of the recent trend of sparkling juices in 8oz cans. They seem to be popping up more and more. They are just juice and carbonated water. No sugar added. No sugar needed. They are way healthier than pop, but they still give me the carbonated fix I sometimes crave. I swear it's like I'm a junkie. I get this feeling in the back of my throat and I know that I just won't be able to rest until I drink something carbonated. These little juices have been my current fix.

Ocean Spray was wise to cut the cranberry juice in this with grape juice. If it were pure cranberry it would have been pretty tart and a bit intense. This way it's a bit sweeter (naturally) with the same basic taste.
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Jason Draper on 7/25/11, 3:08 PM
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