Odwalla Protein Strawberry Protein Monster

Odwalla Protein Strawberry Protein Monster
Are you an adult that loves the taste of Strawberry Quik? Well let me ease that mind of yours and let you in on a little tip that will not only allow you to bath your tongue in the flavor that you crave, but also do it in a healthier manner. You see Odwalla's Strawberry Protein Monster tastes exactly like that treat from your childhood that you miss so dearly. Sure it's a little denser of a liquid, but that is a small price to pay for not looking like you're stuck in arrested development when you're trying to flirt with your cashier at the grocery store. Who could take someone seriously when they are buying a big tin of strawberry powder to flavor their milk? No one, that is who. On the other hand if you were purchasing this beverage, you will appear to have your act together, and it might even get you that cashier's number. Actually don't be the creep that bothers the cashier. They just want to make it through their shift as painlessly as possible. Just drink your strawberry drink and keep to yourself.

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Jason Draper on 9/30/13, 11:08 PM
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