Odwalla Quencher Hotter-Melon

Odwalla Quencher Hotter-Melon
After drinking over 4,000 beverages to review, things can get boring. There is only so much one can say about the same old drinks day in and day out. Sure, I still really enjoy a lot of them, but my inspiration is running dry and that means Thirsty Dudes has slowed down a lot from when we first started seven years ago. I wasn't even looking for something new to review in the grocery store when I found this. I just really wanted some juice. While I'm in this frame of mind I almost always go for a 100% juice, but when you have a bottle of jalapeno watermelon juice staring you down, you settle for the 20% in order to experience the wild ride it's inevitably going to take you on. So, sit down, strap yourself in, crack open the bottle and let the adventure begin.

First off, when I opened this up, I hated the way it smelled. It doesn't smell unpleasant, but it also does not smell how I want a juice to smell. It smells like a liquefied, fruity salad. Lucky for all of us involved it tastes much better than that. The makeup of this juice includes apple, lemon, watermelon, raspberry and jalapeno. The watermelon actually makes up a very small portion of the ingredients, but I'll give it to them for leaning on it to have a great name for the juice. Instead of tasting just like a spicy watermelon juice, this is more of a spicy fruit punch. It is a great fruit punch though, where you can make out the individual fruits used and not just a general hodgepodge of sweetness. I'd also like to note that the spiciness of it is not overwhelming either. The pepper is there as more of a flavor than a heat factor. The more you drink the hotter it gets, but it never gets to a critical level.

This is now someone's favorite drink. It's not mine, but I certainly appreciate it for being something new and unusual. It's not the type of thing that I would drink the entire 15oz bottle of in one sitting, but I have found myself continuously going back to it throughout the day to take a sip here or there. There are different kinds of beverages in the world and this is the kind you sip and ponder.
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Jason Draper on 9/3/17, 8:16 AM
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