Odwalla Super Protein Mango Protein

Odwalla Super Protein Mango Protein
My ladyfriend and I just went on a decent bike ride. The destination was a waterfall out in a park. When I was little my grandfather took me to the park to play, search for crayfish and to go fishing all the time. The waterfall and people jumping off of it always intrigued me, but then some people died. Since then it has been embedded in my mind that if I jumped I would die. It was so ingrained in my brain that even when I returned as an adult I was filled with a feeling of dread. I'm not one to shy away from cliff or waterfall jumping, but this was my exception.

We went there today just as a destination and some kids were jumping. I decided it was time that I actually faced my fear and I went for it. It was fun. It wasn't all that high, but getting to the jumping spot was a bit tricky. I jumped swam to shore victorious and then hopped on my bike and rode back. That's right waterfall, I beat you and then went home like it was no big deal.

Now I'm back at my place and I need some energy and replenishment. Odwalla sent us a couple bottles of their new flavor, and now seemed like as good a time as any to give it a try. The first thing I have to say is that bananas are one of the most potent flavors ever, and I don't like them. They cut through all most of the flavors in this drink. It was like a mango banana cocktail. It wasn't as horrible as it could be, but it was still noticeable. Also, because this is a protein drink it was pretty chalky. I have now finished the bottle and I really feel like I need to brush my teeth. There is a slight chalky film all over the inside of my mouth.

My story really had nothing to do with this drink, but I just wanted to rub it in that stupid waterfall's nose a little bit more. I'm alive. I win. You're just running water. You lose.
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Jason Draper on 9/11/11, 7:39 PM
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