Odwalla Superfood Mo' Beta

Odwalla Superfood Mo' Beta
Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you realize, "Holy crap I'm at the Grand Canyon." Okay, by sometimes I mean once in my life, and by once I mean this morning. I've been waiting to come to the Grand Canyon basically my whole life. I'm an outdoor kid and my favorite place in the world is Letchworth State Park aka the Grand Canyon of the East. Finally I was at the real thing and it melted my brain. I knew it was big, but it was the most expansive thing I have ever seen. Seriously my brains started to leak out of my ears and nose. I think I need to see a specialist.

The thing about the Grand Canyon that you don't think about is that there is nothing really around it, so food is super expensive. I knew I needed to keep up my energy, and seeing as I'm sure as hell not eating at McDonalds (no matter what Mike says) it was either burritos or buying a loaf of bread and peanut butter (the combination of the two which ran me $10). I also picked up this bottle of Odwalla to give me a little pick me up. It was a wise choice. The majority of the flavor came from the oranges, mango and peach in it, but it was the plum that really rounded things out. On a "vacation" where I have been eating fairly terribly it was welcomed to consume something that tasted and actually was good for you. I ate some peanut butter sandwiches, pounded this bottle of juice and then started hiking into the canyon. We made it to the first rest house (1.5 miles) before a lightning storm made us turn back. While I loved the canyon I had no interest in getting burnt to a crisp by natural electricity on the sides of it's walls.
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Jason Draper on 7/17/12, 3:48 PM
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