Oishi Honey Lemon Green Tea

Oishi Honey Lemon Green Tea
On our tour de food, we have gone all around the world without leaving Western New York. We have been trying to not go to the same place (country) trice, especially twice in a row but we did last week. That exotic location? A Vietnamese restaurant in a Puerto Rican part of town. Jay and I fell in love with their bahn mi and we decided to give it a go two weeks in a row. I got the pho this time around and had “order regret” instantly. I like pho and I am no connoisseur, but this was bland. I added quite a bit of hoisen and Sriracha to give it something. In between disappointing bites of a seemingly endless dish, I washed it down with this fantastic treat.

I love honey. My aunt has a beehive in the country and it brought in around one hundred gallons of fresh honey. I use it on sandwiches all the time. Ham, too. Yeah, I know I'm Jewish, but I don't care about it. Ham is wonderful. This drink was chocked full of honey and lemon. Jay hates lemon tea and liked this. That speaks volumes. I have been milking this bottle for three days because it's very good. Sure that place is a mile or two away and I can go whenever I want to and get another but I've got this one and am going to get some length out of it. It's so honey-filled that I'm surprised that it's not thicker, like if you somehow liquefied honey lemon candy and drank that.

I will go back to that Vietnamese restaurant again and again as I have to try their vermicelli and will repeatedly eat their bahn mi. That pho, well that might as well just leave the menu. It's not your strong suit, friends.
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Mike Literman on 1/27/13, 10:50 AM
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