OKF Aloe Vera King Original

OKF Aloe Vera King Original
While aloe drinks would most likely be something new and exciting to the general population, they have become old hat to me. I love them and think they are delicious, but I've run out of things to say about them because for the most part they are all fairly similar. They are a sweet, slightly syrupy drink that tastes a bit like white grape juice with chunks in it. I'm pretty sure you could serve it in glass to someone and tell them it was white grape juice with pulp and they wouldn't ever question it. The funny thing is that this is the first bottle of aloe juice that I can recall that actually has grape flavoring added to it. Why not play up on your strengths?

This is fairly standard for Korean aloe drinks. It has decent sized chunks in it that are great, and the flavor is as described above. If you've had one before you know exactly how this tastes without even cracking it open. Why wouldn't you crack it open though? If you know how it tastes then you know you want to drink it, and you want to drink it now, because as standard as it is, it's still something to be admired.
Aloe Vera and Chunky
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Jason Draper on 3/15/14, 12:10 PM
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