OKF Energy Up Red Ginseng

OKF Energy Up Red Ginseng
Hey buddy. You look down in the dumps. I've got something that might help out. Oh me? I'm just a helpful homeless man but a very wise homeless man. In my hay day, I used to run a holistic healing center. Ever since that Curves ran me out of business, I've been on the streets making things the old world, Eastern type of way. I've got something and before you scoff at the fact that it's in a used McDonald's cup, consider the source, alright? I don't have the resources to a proper bottling plant. It smells a little funny, I know, but it'll get you up in your seat feeling like a young pup again.

What do you mean it tastes like perfume and dirt? Although I can't say that I'm offended because I didn't make it, that's a rough comparison. I actually stole this from an Asian market down the street. Dirt, huh? Well now that you mention it, it does taste a little bit like plant runoff water. Being homeless, water is water. Plants filter the water and get rid of toxins but they haven't exactly figured out how to stop giving me so much dirt. I can deal with it. It's iron, you know what I mean?

Well buddy? I hope I helped and thank you for taking the time to talk to a man who is optimistically down on his luck. Oh, two dollars. Thank you very much sir. I greatly appreciate your gratitude. Tell your friends.
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Mike Literman on 9/18/12, 4:04 PM
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