OKF Sac's Orange Drink With Real Pulp

OKF Sac's Orange Drink With Real Pulp
Herman the local meteorologist was very concerned about two things. The first and foremost is the weather and atmospheric conditions. It is his livelihood. It helped him put his kids through college, buy that eight series Bimmer he's always wanted, put a roof over their heads and food on the table. He is constantly studying weather patterns to try to be on top of his game and be the best at predicting what's going to happen so the people of his fair city don't get caught in surprise thunderstorms or bundle up for perfectly clear and warm days.

The second is pure, unaltered food. He proudly condones the raw food diet, eats a lot of nuts and seeds as snacks, and will never order meat prepared any other way except raw. He likes his cheese stinky and his juice pulpy. The later of which on one particular day would merge his two loves together to form one super products for Herman.

Herman went into an Asian grocery store as he did most days to pick up things like bok choy, durian, and fish. He was about to walk out and saw a new orange drink. He picked it up to see what was in it and one of the ingredients was called "white cloudy." In addition, it was also bottled with pulp. He decided to bring it to his office and give it a try while watching the doppler radar for inconsistencies.

He sat down and opened the can and was blown away. It was the pulpiest drink he had ever drank and whatever white cloudy was, it was like the white, fluffy clouds of the heavens opened up and gave him this drink. It tasted like a tremendously pulpy orange juice that was perhaps a little sweeter than regular orange juice.

That day he was so excited he stayed late at work, did research on a tornado, and stopped to get another can at the store on his way home. He had truly found a drink made for meteorologists with a special ingredient tailored for them.
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Mike Literman on 9/9/13, 1:51 PM
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