Onli Natural Hibiscus Pomegranate Strawberry

Onli Natural Hibiscus Pomegranate Strawberry
This should have been overwhelmingly wonderful. Don't get me wrong it is wonderful, but not in an overwhelming way. I came across these on sale and after one sip, I contemplated turning around and driving back to the store to buy their entire stock. Lucky for me I had other errands that needed to be run first, so I kept sipping while I drove. Now, I loved this; it's fruity and slightly floral, but I couldn't finish a whole 12oz bottle. In a weird way the flavor was too strong to be unsweetened. In fact I will go on record and say that this is the most robust seltzer I have ever drunk. I got about halfway through and decided I needed to wait awhile before finishing it off. It was kind of like my taste buds were working overtime and had become sensitive. There was no physical discomfort, but I just felt that if I kept drinking it my enjoyment would decrease drastically. I've never experienced that with a beverage before. Perhaps things would have been different if a little spice, say cinnamon, were thrown in the mix. In theory that would throw everything in an even crazier direction, but I think it also would have reigned it all in. Also, everyone knows that hibiscus and cinnamon are an ultimate tag team. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy the case I bought in increments.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 2/27/18, 6:26 PM
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