Organic Gemini Guarana Energy

Organic Gemini Guarana Energy
Okay folks, let's be honest with ourselves, can we really in good faith call this an energy drink? This is really just coconut water with guarana seed extract in it. I know you're out there saying well that's something that I've seen on the ingredient list for other energy drinks, but the thing is that it is just a source of natural caffeine. Sure this tastes good. It tastes like coconut water with a little bit of flavoring in it. The thing is that this isn't going to give someone the boost they are expecting with an energy drink. It will help rehydrate them when they feel like they are hungover even though they haven't had alcohol in decades, but that's a different story altogether. Let's be fair; if we call this an energy drink then we have to start calling colas energy drinks and I don't think anyone is comfortable with that.
Coconut and Energy Drink
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Jason Draper on 6/4/15, 9:37 PM
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